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Global media and business services organization - Significantly improved personal effectiveness using virtual learning
Global trends in coaching at work

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Distance learning - 15 Sep

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NeuroLeadership Group

Who we are

The NeuroLeadership Group is a global human performance consultancy, drawing from the latest findings in neuroscience. We have operations in 39 cities over 24 countries. We:

  • Enable individuals to enhance their effectiveness by understanding the brain
  • Help leaders improve the quality of their conversations
  • Train and certify executive and personal coaches
  • Partner with organizations to drive performance

We work with some of the world's leading organizations across industries including technology, financial services, government, professional services and health care.

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Upcoming courses

Brain-based Coaching Skills

Coaching theory & everyday coaching skills for managers and leaders
London - 28 Apr
Praha - 21 May
Praha - 09 Jun
Sydney - 12 Jun
Singapore - 13 Jun
Calgary - 19 Jun
Bangkok - 10 Jul
São Paulo - SP - 16 Jul
Auckland - 24 Jul
London - 29 Sep

Brain-based Coaching Certificate

Gain the skills and tools to become a workplace coach
London - 28 Apr
Dubai - 12 May
Johannesburg - 06 Jun
Sydney - 12 Jun
Singapore - 13 Jun
Calgary - 19 Jun
Bangkok - 10 Jul
São Paulo - SP - 16 Jul
Auckland - 24 Jul
Helsinki - 19 Sep

Quiet Leadership

Drive change by bringing people to their own insights
São Paulo - SP - 05 Jun
São Paulo - SP - 16 Oct
São Paulo - SP - 18 Dec
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